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  • Winter Classic menu includes massive unhealthy sausage concoction (Photo)

    Josh Cooper at Puck Daddy21 hrs ago

    Who doesn’t love foot-long Washington, D.C. style sausages with all sorts of absurd garnishes that come from the city of Chicago?

    Probably not a lot of people who like healthy eating. But if you love to clog your arteries behold the glory of the “District Duel” … the signature item of this year’s Winter Classic at Nationals Park (s/t The Washington Post for the menu reminder)

    This is how The Post describes such 'deliciousness':

    “… a foot-long half smoke topped with Chicago-style slow-roasted Italian beef, creole mustard, banana peppers and giardiniera, combining the flavors of both the home team Washington Capitals and the visiting Chicago Blackhawks.”

    Never mind, that actually sounds gross. But it will at least go down smooth, and probably come out horribly.

    It’ll also be available at the Verizon Center following the Winter Classic.

    Here are the other menu items per the Post:

    District Duel (available at Taste of the Major’s stands at sections 115 and 314, and at Anacostia Station at section 217)

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