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  • Merry Christmas hockey fans! Time again for The Funeral Burgers

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy1 day ago

    Merry Christmas, hockey fans! 

    As is tradition here on Puck Daddy, we'll be kicking back with presents and cookies and cookies we got as presents on Dec. 25. But no eggnog. Bleech ... eggnog is gross. Just give us the booze without that painty goop. 

    While we'll only be posting for breaking news, we do have to publish our annual Christmas tradition on PD ... THE FUNERAL BURGERS.*

    In 2008, the story of the Chicago Blackhawks' surprise bus trip to the wake of then-General Manager Dale Tallon's father, and subsequent visit to a small-town McDonald's in Canada, became a national sensation after an anonymous email spun a tale of rickety bus rides (no heat!) and frozen landscapes and acts of generosity.

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