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  • Dustin Brown slams Logan Couture in massive bodycheck (Video)

    Josh Cooper at Puck Daddy13 hrs ago

    LOS ANGELES –  Dustin Brown appears to be back in prime big-hitting form.

    The Los Angeles Kings captain slammed San Jose Sharks forward Logan Couture hard in the first period of their season-opening game on Wednesday.

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    Brown looked like an football player with how he got in a crouch and exploded into Couture. From the above angle, it’s unclear how high he hit Couture or if he led with his helmet.

    “He launched his head into my face, so…” Couture said when asked if Brown's helmet made contact with Couture's face. 

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    Couture suffered a cut on his nose, which could have come from his own visor, not Brown's helmet. He did not leave the game. Brown was also not penalized. 

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