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  • Steve Moore says no deal with Todd Bertuzzi; brother questions motivations

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy9 hrs ago

    To recap the last day in Steve Moore v. Todd Bertuzzi and the Vancouver Canucks …

    It was reported on Tuesday that the sides were close to a settlement before their Sept. 8 civil trial. Then, huzzah, the two sides agreed to a deal, according to Bertuzzi’s attorney. Wait … actually, Bertuzzi’s attorney said that he received a “disconcerting email” 10 minutes after the news went public that made him wonder if the deal was on. No, check it, everything’s cool, and the deal is done. Except it totally isn’t, according to Steve Moore’s brother. 

    Annnnnnd exhale.

    Mark Moore told Rick Westhead of TSN that he received a text message from his brother on Tuesday night saying there’s no deal with Bertuzzi or the Canucks. "Because of the injury he has trouble making decisions and so he doesn't know how to handle the media,” Mark Moore told TSN.

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