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  • Chris Pronger bends the rules one last time

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy57 mins ago

    Chris Pronger was asked about it several ways, but he wasn’t going to acknowledge it. 

    How surreal it was to still have an active NHL contract and be elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. How surreal it was to actually have been involved in an NHL trade less than 48 hours before his selection. How surreal it was to have the gatekeepers to immortality change their bylaws to grant him access, because his circumstances – a stick to the head in 2011 and post-concussion syndrome ended his career, but not his contract – were extraordinary.

    "I think nothing I've done has been the easy way. I guess this would follow suit,” was the best he could muster.

    All of it must be humbling for Pronger. And awkward. And frustrating. Were it not for a Collective Bargaining Agreement that has more loophole’s than grandma’s knitting, the games being played with his contract would cease. Were it not for the injury, he would still be patrolling a blueline somewhere, elbows out, stick ready to turn opponents into a kabob.

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  • Kessel to Pittsburgh?; Red Wings HOF day; Calgary's D improvements (Puck Headlines)

    Josh Cooper at Puck Daddy20 hrs ago

    Here are your Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media. Have a link you want to submit? Email us at  .  

    • Yet another reason to love Jaromir Jagr, hanging out with Mike Tyson. [Jaromir Jagr]

    • Nicklas Lidstrom and Sergei Fedorov are both perfect for the Hockey Hall of Fame.  [Detroit Free Press]

    • What would a Penguins trade for Phil Kessel mean overall?  Penguins GM Jim Rutherford is dealing from a position of weakness this offseason. [The Hockey Writers]

    • Within the span of 24 hours the Flames suddenly got better. A lot better. [Flames Nation]

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