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  • Blackhawks and Ducks try to recover fast for Game 5

    Josh Cooper at Puck Daddy42 mins ago

    And before the pivotal Game 5 Monday night contest in Anaheim, the teams rested. Well, more like recovered in regards to the Blackhawks and Ducks, who have so far played a bruising rough n’ tumble series.

    On Sunday, after Chicago's Game 4’s double-overtime victory, the Ducks received the simple instruction from coach Bruce Boudreau:

    “I told them to get away from it today,” he said. “I said, Go home. Don't sit on the couch or anything. Get some movement and exercise in. But have a good day with your families, not think about the game, then come  back  tomorrow  refreshed, all excited to play Game 5 in front of our home fans.” 

    The Blackhawks also didn’t skate on their travel day back to Anaheim.

    At the moment, this war of attrition hits the final stage, and both teams are trying to find some sort of edge.

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