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  • Rangers add microchips to jerseys; Carlyle 'unplugged'; Harding out with ankle injury (Puck Headlines)

    Jen Neale at Puck Daddy59 mins ago

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    . @jordansubban = Lloyd Christmas. Spoiler Alert - hotel room doors are tough. http://t.co/xHM5gwJJ4m #Canucks pic.twitter.com/mfmEtph0rn

    • SAMSONITE! I was waaaaaay off.

    • The Rangers are taking analytics to the next level. Uniforms will be outfitted with microchips to track the players on the ice. Players will also be given iPads to study film, and are expected to watch their shifts after each game in order to be prepared for the next practice. [SNY Rangers Blog]

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  • Lester Patrick winner Bill Daly: Number of NHL U.S. cities 'should continue to grow'

    Nicholas J. Cotsonika at Puck Daddy22 hrs ago

    Exactly 10 years after the lockout of 2004-05 began, the news broke that NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly would receive the Lester Patrick Trophy for “outstanding service to hockey in the United States.”

    In a way, that’s appropriate.

    Daly helped lead the NHL in labor negotiations with the NHL Players’ Association in 2004-05, when the league sacrificed an entire season to secure the salary cap, and again in 2012-13, when the league lost almost half of another season to tighten the system.

    We know the negative. Here is the positive spin: The NHL created an economic system that helped non-traditional markets in the United States – and may lead to teams in places like Seattle and Las Vegas in the near future. (The Atlanta Thrashers moved to Winnipeg in 2011. The Phoenix Coyotes almost moved, but they stayed in Glendale, Ariz., and are now called the Arizona Coyotes – thanks largely to Daly’s efforts and the latest CBA.)

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