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  • Pass or Fail: Nashville All-Star Game logo with guitar pick design

    Josh Cooper at Puck Daddy2 hrs ago

    The Nashville Predators and the NHL unleashed the 2016 All-Star Game logo for the city. And … it’s a guitar pick! Wow, that’s so shocking considering Nashville’s jersey shoulder patch is a guitar pick, and well … the city is called the Music City and yeah.

    Via a release for the Jan. 30-31 event:

    Designed by Fanbrandz and NHL Vice President of Creative Paul Conway , the 2016 NHL All-Star logo pays homage to the city of Nashville’s deep roots in country music and the Predators navy blue-and-gold team colors, which honor the city of Nashville’s seal and flag. The typography, inspired by Nashville’s music scene and the neon signs on Broadway and Music Row, instantly connects the NHL celebration to Music City.

    The event Jan. 30-31 in Nashville will no doubt be an interesting show full of music and hockey. Wonder if the Predators will try to keep out Blackhawks fans.

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  • Rangers fan gives amazing Game 7 interview, bought $4.5K tickets 'in hundreds only' (Video)

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy21 hrs ago

    Tickets for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final were the highest selling of the playoffs on the secondary market. So Scott Oake of CBC decided to ask a fan at Friday night’s Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New York Rangers final what his seats cost, considering he was against the glass in prime real estate.

    Needless to say, he picked the right fan.

    Here’s the surreal conversation between Oake and Will Rouse, the chilliest Ranger fan in the history of chillin’.

    WILL: “My man, I paid forty-five hundred dollars.”

    OAKE: “Yesterday on the secondary market, they were asking 19,200 bucks for these seats. Did you think about selling them?”

    [At this point, Will grabs his gold necklace with both hands and puts it on display.]

    WILL: “That would have been cool, but you know what? I gotta see the Rangers win. I could have blown all that money on water. I don’t really drink alcohol. It’s cool.”

    OAKE: “Tell me again what you paid for this seat?”

    WILL: “Four thousand, five hundred dollars. Hundreds only. Benjamin-Franklin-is-killin’-the-gaaaaame.”

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