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  • Patrik Nemeth gets puck wedged under visor, becomes Hockey Pirate (Video)

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy2 hrs ago

    It’s always a scary scene: an errant, deflected puck flies in the air and into the face of an NHL player. He grabs his head, bends over in panic, and we all worry about the damage done.

    Rarely does it end up being a comical situation. But then again, rarely does the player hit by the puck end up wearing it like an eye patch. Arrrrrrrrgh!

    Patrik Nemeth of the Dallas Stars was skating back into his own zone on Monday night when Calgary Flames forward Jiri Hudler’s dump-in missed its mark and hit Nemeth in the face. In a one-in-a-million freak of hockey physics, the puck became wedged under his visor over his left eye.

    It eventually dropped out and Nemeth had a laugh about it, so we can all have a laugh about it too.

    And here we thought Captain Hook was the ultimate hockey pirate ...

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  • Canadian junior hockey fan takes heckling way too seriously (Video)

    Josh Cooper at Puck Daddy12 hrs ago

    Hockey fans are known for their extreme passion, which often gets a little too crazy at times. Hence why hockey parents are known as the scourge of sporting humanity in most North American circles, just above tennis parents and soccer parents.

    And now we give you a guy who isn’t a parent (we hope), but has taken heckling to a science … and to horrifying (and in this video hilarious) levels. Cory Simms, explain to us why you love the St. John’s Caps junior team, and why you heckle the crap out of their opponents? (s/t Deadspin)


    “if the hockey moms can’t handle me yelling and heckling at the rinks, then they should stick to crosswords and knitting,” he said.

    He also said that if hockey players don’t like his shenanigans, they can go to “tiddlywinks” or “Playstation.”

    In defense of his actions, Sims says, he’s not like ISIS, which hence makes what he does OK.

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