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  • Brandon Dubinsky makes the New York Times sports front page, sort of

    Harrison Mooney at Puck Daddy1 day ago

    Congratulations are in order to Brandon Dubinsky, who signed a six-year contract extension with the Columbus Blue Jackets on Friday, and in so doing, accomplished a pretty impressive little feat.

    Dubinsky's extension -- again, with the Blue Jackets, and not the team he came from, the hometown Rangers -- landed him on the front page of Saturday's New York Times sports section.

    How did he do it?

    Mainly because Dubinsky wasn't the only high-profile athlete to sign a contract with an Ohio-based team on Friday. Some guy named Lebron James, who plays basketball, did the same thing with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Obviously, the combination of two elite athletes signing big deals in Ohio was enough for the Times to make sure they got to share the front:

    It's a very clever front. Normally, these transaction pages are buried, but with Dubinsky and Lebron signing, it deserved a more prominent role. It's clear that Ohio sports is the theme here, as the first transaction you see is a right-handed pitcher called up to the Cleveland Indians.

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