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  • Wild and Blues players contract bacterial infections, So Cal roadtrip to blame?

    Jen Neale at Puck Daddy5 hrs ago

    Players on both the St. Louis Blues and the Minnesota Wild are experiencing flu-like symptoms and other physical ailments that have, or will, keep them out of action for a bit.

    Star Tribune beat writer Mike Russo has a theory:

    I'm no doc, but #stlblues bacteria issue are same symptoms (swollen jaws) as #mnwild. 1 common denominator: Both in ANA & LA rooms last week

    Might be time to put on the old tinfoil hat, kids. (Or hazmat suit, you pick.)

    Like Russo, I am not a doctor or any sort of infectious disease specialist. Yes, the Wild and the Blues were in Southern California in the past week in the visitors locker rooms. As were the Bluejackets and the Sabres. Oh, and a few NBA teams for exhibition games at Honda Center and Staples Center. They all appear to be fine...for now.

    Patient Zero for St. Louis appears to be Jori Lehtera. From Blues beat writer Lou Korac:

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  • Is Patric Hornqvist's 'tough areas' style sustainable?

    Josh Cooper at Puck Daddy9 hrs ago

    NASHVILLE – Is there a better person to compare differences between current Penguins goal scorer Patric Hornqvist and former Pens sniper James Neal than the best hockey player on the planet?

    No, seriously, Sidney Crosby gave a unique perspective when asked Saturday morning before Hornqvist and Penguins faced off against the Predators and Neal. Both Hornqvist and Neal were traded for each other last summer.

    “With Patty, he’s probably more of a guy who goes to the tough areas and goes to the crease a little bit more. I think Neal is probably more of a shooter. He likes to find soft areas in the slot, and with his shot, he doesn’t need to be maybe as close. I think he can get away with being a little further out and getting lost in coverage and that kind of thing,” Crosby said. “Other than that, they both play with an edge, they both aren’t afraid to be physical when they need to, so I would say they’re very similar except the only difference I would say is one probably does their body of work closer to the net, and the other guy further out trying to get lost in coverage.”

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