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  • NCAA Hockey 101: An unexpected party for Bemidji State

    Ryan Lambert at Puck Daddy4 hrs ago

    (Ed. Note: Ryan Lambert is our resident NCAA Hockey nut, and we decided it’s time to unleash his particular brand of whimsy on the college game every week. So NCAA HOCKEY 101 will run every Tuesday on Puck Daddy. Educate yo self.)  

    Last weekend's North Star College Cup — or, let's be honest, Minnesota Beanpot — featured four teams this year, all playing at different levels.

    Clearly top of the heap and the heavy favorite was No. 1 Minnesota State, riding high in its admittedly weak conference and brushing aside nearly all foes this season with relative ease. They are one of the most dominant teams in college hockey over the last three years or so.

    A little farther back, you'd have to say, were No. 7 Minnesota Duluth and No. 17 Minnesota. Both very good on paper, both having a little more trouble than you'd probably expect, and in this regard Minnesota might have even been farther back in terms of public perception (and certainly the polls, which as always are stupid) if not actual performance. Personally, I prefer the Gophers to the Bulldogs, but people are always going to look at “wins!” as the ultimate arbiter of team quality.

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  • Watch 6-year-old boy slap shot loose tooth out of mouth (Video)

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy1 day ago

    Like many six-year-olds, little Alex is losing his baby teeth.

    Like any hockey player, he knows losing a Chiclet on a slap shot is a rite of passage.

    So with some parental supervision -- and kids, don't try this at home without some -- Alex combined his passion for the game with some amateur dentistry and yanked his own tooth out.

    By tying it “super tight” to a puck and then firing the disc at the goal.

    (Has Shea Weber considered this as a side job?)

    According to his father, the experiment was a success, and Alex now has an official hockey smile. And, not for nothing, an incredible hockey set-up in his basement. Things have come a long way since Sidney Crosby fired pucks at a washer/dryer. 

    Question is, does this moment put him on the road to becoming an oral surgeon or winning the shot accuracy contest at the 2030 NHL All-Star Game?


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