Alex Ovechkin fires machine gun, rides on Soviet tank with Team Russia (Video)

It was an off day for Alex Ovechkin and Russia’s team at the IIHF world championship, and you know what that means: Vodka!

Wait, sorry, no, check that: It means visiting an open-air World War II museum near Minsk, where Ovechkin and his teammates rode on a Soviet-era tank! The Washington Capitals star, of course, took a selfie.

Video via Russia Today:

Can you imagine the battle to call “guy who straddles the gun turret?”

Well, looks like everyone got a turn:

No pictured: Alex Semin.

Incidentally, this exactly what most of the goalies in the NHL see when Ovi’s on the power play.

Ovechkin also took a turn at firing a Maxin machine gun

Welp, there goes his hearing. At least he won’t have to listen to complaints about his plus minus anymore.

Russia has yet to lose in the IIHF world championships, an indication that the tournament is both (a) essentially meaningless and (b) not being played in Sochi.