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  • Junior team turns fans into human hockey puck

    Josh Cooper at Puck Daddy2 hrs ago

    James Upham of Moncton has invented something he hopes will catch on as between periods entertainment.

    It’s called the “human hockey puck hovercraft” and it was used to delight fans at last Friday’s Moncton Wildcats season opener during intermission.

    Upham is in charge of programming at Moncton’s Resurgo Placeand the Wildcats asked him to come up with something for in-game entertainment for their first game of 2016-17.

    CBC got the story behind the “human hockey puck hovercraft” and how it was created.


    “The idea came up — why not a human hockey puck? So I sat and drew a thing up and it’s scaled to an actual hockey puck,” Upham said.


    It took him two weeks to build the giant hockey puck, which measures 120 centimeters in diameter and 40 centimeters high and is large enough for hockey fans to ride.


    “It’ll lift about 300 pounds. It’s got two, 40-volt lithium-ion battery-powered leaf blowers that’ll move about 600 cubic feet of air per minute,” he said.


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