50 Cent bets $10,000 on his hometown Rangers to win the Cup (Video)

50 Cent got played.

Here are a few things we know about rapper 50 Cent: He's from Queens. His fastball sucks, largely because, by his own account, his wrist is worn down from excessive onanism. He prefers having sex to making love, whatever that means. He dropped a new album on Tuesday. (Note: singers release albums. Rappers drop them. From blimps or something.) And he has a lot of money.

We know he has a lot of money because he tells us a lot. But also because, despite not really being much of a hockey fan -- while he often talks about "the game", it's never the one played on ice -- he didn't even flinch in betting $10,000 on his hometown New York Rangers during a Friday radio appearance with Big Boy, a deejay on LA's Power 106 Los Angeles station:

"Afterwards, I thought what was I thinking?" said Big Boy. "Someone in that room should have stopped me!”

Big Boy has reason to be wary of throwing in with 50 Cent. For one thing, it's scary going toe-to-toe with him. "You goin ‘gainst me dog, you makin a mistake, I'll split ya," he once rapped, "Leave ya lookin like the Michael Jackson jackets wit all them zippers." Yikes. For another, the last time the two bet, Big Boy lost and had to suffer the indignity of washing 50 Cent's all-chrome car. (We'll assume he also had to apply two coats of wax, like Biff at the end of Back to the Future.)

But let's be real here. If you can make this bet -- on Friday, no less -- you make it. Not only are the Kings heavily-favoured, so 1 to 1 odds are a steal, but they're already one game up.

Curiously, neither of these pertinent facts came up while the bet was being negotiated. Fiddy got played, yo. Considering he was willing to die trying to get rich, you'd think he would be more prudent regarding his wagers now that he is.