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Wonderlic scores leaked; no one seems terribly dumb

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I was under the impression that potential NFL draftees Wonderlic scores were to be kept confidential -- and if that's not the case, they damn sure should be -- but some of them seem to leak out every year.

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune lists some of the scores, with quarterback prospects Matt Ryan and Brian Brohm checking in with 32s, while offensive tackle Ryan Clady bottoms out with a 13. A score of 20 is supposed to indicate average intelligence.

Now, I'm not trying to tell you that Ryan Clady has below average intelligence (though I don't know if he suffered some kind of massive brain injury on that play pictured to your right), or that Matt Ryan or Brian Brohm are super geniuses. I don't believe in the ability of this test, or any other, to accurately gauge a guy's intelligence (let alone his ability to play football).

Truthfully, I feel like kind of a bastard for passing these scores along. Every year, Wonderlic scores get leaked, and I feel like it's only done for the benefit of those among us who are less athletically gifted, but would like some reason to mock professional athletes. I know it feels good to be smarter than an NFL player (and I'm sure that all our commenters here would score a 35 or above), but I don't believe people are entitled to know a guy's Wonderlic score any more than they're entitled to know his sexual orientation.

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