Wes Welker is getting new hair


In 2010, the Patriots upgraded the turf at Gillette Stadium. This week, star wide receiver Wes Welker undergoes a similar procedure.

Welker's new artificial surface won't be FieldTurf, though I'm not sure if it'll be a higher- or lower-quality result. It's a "hair restoration procedure," performed by Dr. Robert Leonard in Newton, Mass. The doctor himself blogged about the experience:

[Welker] could not have been more polite and gracious during his hair loss consultation with me.  And, during his procedure, we had a great time together talking about his recent wedding, our families, and our travel experiences.  What impressed me tremendously was how terrific he was with my staff.  He took photos with them and signed items for them, which they greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward to a growing friendship with Wes along with his new growing hair over the next several months.  I wish him and the Patriots a fabulous season and look forward to a Super Bowl victory in New Orleans!

I've always believed in going bald gracefully. Hair loss happens. It's a natural process. But then again, I've also never convinced Anna Burns to marry me. You may want to side with Welker on this one.

And maybe you'll question the newsworthiness of a Wes Welker hair transplant, but the Associated Press did not, and Deadspin did not question the newsworthiness of the AP finding the story to be newsworthy.

So go ahead. Scoff now. But with hair growth in as little as four months, how are you going to feel when NBC zooms in on Wes Welker in the Week 12 Sunday nighter against the Jets, and a cascade of flowing Fabio locks falls out of his helmet and down onto his shoulder pads, capturing the heart of every man and woman in America? Who's going to feel silly then?

In case you were curious, Welker has already been cleared by the good doctor to begin wearing a football helmet. That's good, because he's probably going to need one of those.

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