The weekly NFL spread picks – Sticking with the Giants in Week 2

Frank Schwab
September 13, 2013

Well, that was fun.

There's a reason I'm not a professional handicapper. Picking games against the spread is hard, particularly in the NFL. I have a lot of respect for the people that can do it well enough to earn a living. Add in a few bad breaks – Carolina fumbling at the 8-yard line in the fourth quarter, the Falcons not getting in on a goal-to-go situation, the 49ers kicking a late and meaningless field goal in a tightly contested game, Giants tailback David Wilson developing lobster claws for hands – and you get 3-12-1. Yeah.

No matter, we're not overreacting to Week 1, and part of that is going back to the Giants this week.

The Broncos looked great in Week 1 and everyone saw the Giants melt down, but whenever you turn it over six times on the road and still almost win like the Giants did, you are going to win some games. Giving the Giants 4.5 points at home (we use the spreads on the Yahoo Pro Football Pick 'em) is too much. They're still a good team. As long as Wilson doesn't melt down again. The Manning Bowl will be close – and I also think the Giants win it.

Here's the rest of Week 2, the No Overreaction Edition:

New York Jets (+12) over New England (picked Thursday): One third of the way to last week's win total.

St. Louis (+6.5) over Atlanta: Spread is just a little high here. I like this Rams team, now that they have a couple legitimate offensive weapons. They're just in the wrong division.

Carolina (-2.5) over Buffalo: If the Panthers lose this one you can expect my "Ron Rivera has to go" post at about 4:37 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday.

Chicago (-8) over Minnesota: Bears fans aren't happy with me, but I think the Bears are a very good team. Just not better than the Bengals over the course of the season. But over Minnesota this week? Sure.

Green Bay (-7.5) over Washington: Lost in the Chip Kelly hoopla ... did you see who is playing in the Redskins' secondary? Aaron Rodgers is gonna have a big day.

Indianapolis (-2.5) over Miami: I'm not sold on the Dolphins just because they beat the Browns, who decided that attempting 53 passes with Brandon Weeden was smart.

Kansas City (-3) over Dallas: Yes, please. Cowboys come off an emotional win in which they benefited greatly off turnovers. Chiefs fans, after last year's debacle, will be through the roof for the home opener. Chiefs improve to 2-0.

San Diego (+7.5) over Philadelphia: When Cantor Gaming in Las Vegas put out the early lines in May, this game was Eagles by 2.5. While the thought of the Chargers preparing for this offense on a short week before traveling concerns us, this is a classic overreaction line.

Cleveland (+6.5) over Baltimore: Can't overreact when both teams stunk in Week 1. Free Trent Richardson.

Tennessee (+9) over Houston: Willing to concede this Titans defense might be pretty good.

Detroit (-2) over Arizona: Hard time figuring out how the Cardinals protect Carson Palmer against the Lions' defensive line.

Tampa Bay (+3.5) over New Orleans: This pick is assuming Josh Freeman makes it to the stadium on time, or Greg Schiano didn't spend too much time this week driving that bus he continues to throw Freeman under.

Jacksonville (+5.5) over Oakland: The Jaguars are a far better team with Chad Henne at quarterback. The Jaguars can't figure this out, but the decision was taken out of their hands this week because of an injury to Blaine Gabbert.

Seattle (-3) over San Francisco: Of course.

Cincinnati (-7) over Pittsburgh: It wouldn't surprise me if the proud Steelers put forth a good performance. I just can't figure out how they'll score on that defense.

Record last week: 3-12-1
Season record: 3-12-1

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