Week 11 NFL Splash Plays: Cards flip might be the play of the season

Doug Farrar
November 19, 2012

Cardinals grab a fumble return on a heady play

If this isn't the play of the season, it's certainly the flip of the year -- Arizona Cardinals cornerback Greg Toler rushing to pop the ball back inbounds on a Jason Snelling fumble. Sadly, the Cards couldn't turn this play (and five Matt Ryan picks) into a win, because their own quarterback situation is so awful ... but this was a nice moment for a team in desperate need of them.

John Abraham shows veteran savvy on turnover TD

Cardinals rookie quarterback Ryan Lindley fumbles, and the guy who forced the fumble -- Falcons defensive end John Abraham -- was the only guy on the field together enough to note that Lindley had done so. Everyone else must have been blinded by the Tuck Rule.

Jacoby Jones gets another return touchdown

Jones had a 105-yard return touchdown against the Raiders last Sunday, but he hadn't gone long on a punt return this season to date. That has now changed.

Byron Leftwich gets mobile with 31-yard run

We don't generally think of quarterback Byron Leftwich as fast on the run, but he certainly looked to be speedy enough on this 31-yard scamper for the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night.

Julian Edelman goes all the way in great game

Not only did Edelman go for six on this punt return; he also caught a touchdown pass and ran for 47 yards on a separate play. Per ESPN Stats & Info, he's the third person ever to do so in NFL history -- only Freddie Solomon of the 1976 Dolphins and Gale Sayers of the 1965 Bears have scored a return touchdown, a receiving touchdown, and run for over 40 yards on a single carry in a game before.

Aqib Talib makes a splash with pick-six in first Patriots game

Talib's certainly been through his share of problems, which is why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed him the door. Bill Belichick, in desperate need of secondary help and no stranger to reclamation projects, gave the talented cornerback a second chance, and this was his reward for doing so -- a pick-six of Andrew Luck in Talib's first game as a Patriot.

Andre Johnson comes through with the game-winner

The Jaguars and Texans went back and forth in a captivating AFC South slugfest, but it was Matt Schaub's overtime touchdown to Andre Johnson that finally captured the day. The Texans became the first team in NFL history to score twice in overtime.

Justin Blackmon blows up for his best rookie performance

Jags first-round pick Justin Blackmon had been a disappointment to date, amassing just 250 receiving yards in Jacksonville's first nine games and showing a worrisome inability to separate from NFL coverage. Blackmon had no such problems against the Texans' usually stout pass defense, catching seven passes for 236 yards and an 81-yard touchdown.

A.J. Green grabs an amazing one-handed touchdown catch

Is A.J. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals the best receiver in the NFL right now? Signs point to yes -- he's caught a touchdown pass in every game but one this season, and this scoring catch against the Kansas City Chiefs was flat-out ridiculous.