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Watch Packers receiver James Jones’ Lambeau Leap get rejected by rogue Lions fans

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Green Bay Packers receiver James Jones did everything right.

Whoever allowed a couple of Detroit Lions fans to have prime seats in Lambeau Field did everything wrong.

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Jones scored on a 27-yard touchdown reception late in the fourth quarter (which was eventually overturned by a replay official anyway) and proceeded to do the "Lambeau Leap" into the loving arms of Packers fans.

But he managed to find a couple of Lions fans in the front row.

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Those brave Lions fans who decided to take the Ford Field experience on the road rejected Jones like they were Dikembe Mutombo. Jones was surprised by getting shut out of the stands and proceeded to make another leap, where he found Packers fans who were willing to receive him.

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It is surprising that Packers fans did not throw those Lions supporters out of their seats for ruining Jones' celebration. Either Green Bay’s supporters were feeling too happy about their victory to care, or they were they were still in shock about seeing Lions fans in their midst.

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