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Washington offensive lineman Trent Williams says an NFL official insulted him during game

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It is probably common for Washington Redskins offensive lineman Trent Williams to have opposing players talk trash to him during a game. But he probably doesn't hear it often from a game official.

If Williams' claims are true, at least one of the officials from the Redskins' 24-16 loss to Philadelphia will have some explaining to do.

Williams claims an NFL official called him “fat ass garbage” during the game. The lineman was irate in the locker room after Washington’s latest loss, and revealed some of the alleged details:

Even though it's hard to imagine an official would say that to Williams on the field, his teammates backed up his claims.

Time will tell if Williams’ claims are true. There are microphones everywhere during an NFL game, so if an official did say that to Williams it might have been recorded.

Regardless, somebody will probably be forced to issue an apology pretty soon.

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