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Warren Sapp chides Richard Sherman for calling out Michael Crabtree

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NEWARK, N.J. – Warren Sapp wasn’t a big fan of Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s taunting and trash talking after the NFC championship game.

Yep, that Warren Sapp.

Sapp, the Hall of Fame defensive tackle who had his share of verbal wars with Brett Favre, had a memorable on-field blowup with then-Packers coach Mike Sherman and has waged a personal war against Giants defensive end Michael Strahan for years, didn't like what went down after Sherman knocked away a pass that led to a NFC-title clinching interception.

He referenced a quote Sherman had before playing the 49ers, when he said, "There’s no love lost, there’s no love found," and there wouldn't be handshakes after the game.

Then Sherman went to Crabtree, slapped him on the behind and offered a handshake after making the play to seal the game.

“Now when the scoreboard is in your favor you want to stick your hand out to somebody?” said Sapp, on hand at Super Bowl media day as an analyst for the NFL Network. "I find that to not be walking the walk.

"You take the ball, your teammates are over there celebrating, one of your teammates grab you by your head and you snatch away from him to go speak to Crabtree. I just want to know if the ball gets dropped in that corner, and Crabtree jumps up and says, 'Good game!' what happens then?"

While the rant seemed odd coming from Sapp, he was serious. He didn’t seem to be all too bothered by Sherman talking on the field. As he said, he was never wired for sound for a game because he didn’t want what he said on the field making the airwaves. He just didn't like that Sherman tried to pass off his handshake at the end by saying it was sportsmanship.

Sapp also said about Sherman calling Crabtree "sorry" in a postgame interview, "that's something else I have a problem with." But he came back to his main gripe, and that's that Sherman was "backpedaling" on what he said earlier, and then portraying his handshake to Crabtree as something other than rubbing it in his face.

"If you're going to do it, let's do it," Sapp said. "This kid is a flip-flopper.

"'I'm a good guy,' but 'there's no love found, no love lost,' come on. I just don't like the contradiction."

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