Von Miller reportedly has yet another legal issue, with an open warrant for his arrest in California

Frank Schwab
September 12, 2013

What in the world is Von Miller thinking?

On Wednesday morning, there was a report that the Denver Broncos' star linebacker was cited for driving with a suspended license and speeding. We didn't even hit bedtime before there was another story about more legal troubles.

Miller has a has a warrant for failure to appear on a traffic ticket issued in California, CBS 11 in Dallas first reported. The Denver Post reported confirmed the warrant with the Orange County District Attorney's Office. The traffic ticket was issued March 22, 2012 for speeding, CBS 11 said. In August, Miller was arrested on a failure to appear warrant in Colorado, which stemmed from another traffic charge. And, of course, Miller is serving a six-game suspension for violating the NFL's drug policy.

UPDATE: Vic Lombardi of CBS 4 in Denver said the ticket was paid and there was no warrant, despite the Orange County District Attorney's Office confirming to the Denver Post and CBS 11 there was:

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Miller doesn't have a reputation for being a bad guy. But he has to be testing the patience of the Broncos, who likely want to give one of the top few defensive players in the NFL a very lucrative extension someday. Miller might have to show he can stay out of trouble before that happens, or at least go a day or two without news of a new arrest warrant or traffic ticket popping up.

"Obviously it’s something that we’re not happy about," Broncos coach John Fox said, according to a transcript sent by the team. "Everybody here has an individual responsibility not only to themselves but this organization as well as to this football team. So obviously it’s something we’re not pleased about. I’ll leave it at that."

That was Fox's response to the news about Miller's citation for driving with a suspended license and speeding, and before news broke about the open warrant in California, although it's pretty difficult to keep all of Miller's legal issues straight these days. There are just so many.

The Post said it didn't know how the open warrant would affect Miller when he travels to California for games against the Raiders or Chargers, considering the warrant applies for the whole state.

Most of these issues are seemingly avoidable. Go to court to take care of minor traffic tickets. Or obey the rules of the road in the first place. Or have someone in your life to remind you of important appointments, like appearing in front of a judge. Miller isn't on some serious crime spree. It's just a steady stream of weird incidents that make you wonder about his maturity and decision making.

At some point Miller needs to figure out that all of these small problems might add up to one very serious issue when it comes to having the type of career that he's capable of.

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