Vince Young, who no one else sees as a backup, sees himself as a starter


Free-agent quarterback Vince Young has yet to sign with a new team for the 2012 season. Jason Campbell, David Garrard, Caleb Hanie, Chad Henne, Dan Orlovsky, Brady Quinn, Drew Stanton and Charlie Whitehurst have, but Vince Young hasn't.

Maybe by the time the season starts, someone will have given VY a contract. Maybe not, though, and if it doesn't, I don't think anyone will be completely shocked but Vince Young. He still sees himself as a starter.

Young talked on Wednesday with Mike Meltser and Brad Davies of KILT in Houston about his current situation. Here's a snippet, via Sports Radio Interviews. Vince, do you still see yourself as a starting quarterback?

"Yeah definitely. Always want to go in and compete for the starting job and the things that I put myself through to get better and better and to better myself as a quarterback, just waiting on that opportunity to get the chance to do that."

Here's the problem for Vince Young. He's perceived — right or wrong — as a guy with mental/emotional issues, and as long as a team feels like they can get similar performance from a player who will make no waves, no one's going to touch Vince Young.

[Vince Young on YSR: Eagles coach Andy Reid thinks I can be a starter]

And since he didn't exactly shine in his limited time with the Eagles last season (57.9 completion percentage, four TDs, nine INTs) finding similar production isn't going to be all that difficult. You can get that in the draft. You can get that in Dan Orlovsky. You can almost get that from the guy who handed you your venti decaf Americano this morning.

Vince says he and his agent have talked to a couple of teams, and I'm sure that's true. But if anyone truly wanted him that badly, he'd have a contract.

Not that I necessarily agree with any of this. I'd take Vince Young over at least half the guys listed above, and I feel like a lot of NFL teams will head into the 2012 season with a backup worse than Vince Young. He took a lot of heat for his "Dream Team" comments last year, which is the most ridiculous thing for which anyone's ever taken heat. Like the Eagles failed because their backup quarterback overestimated the ability of a few free agents.

Vince seems resigned to waiting until after the draft to learn his fate. I have a feeling he'll be waiting even longer than he'd like.

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