Vikings owner Zygi Wilf not planning shakeup now, says ‘I’m sticking with my team’

Eric Edholm
October 22, 2013

Imagine the awkwardness of New Jersey-based Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, likely having hosted friends at MetLife Stadium Monday night for Vikings at New York Giants. The luxury box he and his friends populated might have been up to the gills in lobster bisque, but watching the Vikings lose to the previously winless Giants — especially the way they lost — could have turned a few stomachs.

Amid all the questions about coaching decisions and the gameplan for the feckless Josh Freeman's first start with the team, dropping the Vikings to 1-5, have come serious concerns about the future of head coach Leslie Frazier. This is not the first time he has been on the hot seat, and it would not be the first time a head coach (Brad Childress) has been sacked on Wilf's watch.

And yet, Wilf said Thursday night, via Star Tribune's Chip Scoggins, he's staying the course. For now.

“I’m sticking with my team. That’s our team. We’re going to stick with it.”

So there you have it. The obvious follow-up, had Wilf likely not dashed to his car so quickly and ashamedly, would be: "For how long?"

Freeman was no good, but did he have to be out there? This was the sixth game of the season. He joined the Vikings 13 days earlier. What's the rush? If the Vikings truly were interested in winning Monday's game, they would have (a) stuck with this Adrian Peterson guy — five second-half carries, one in the fourth quarter — and (b) not asked Freeman to execute a shrunken playbook, and drop back to throw 54 times.

That's coaching. On some level, they're to blame.

There's a disconnect somewhere here. Between head coach and coordinator, coaching and scouting, front office and ownership — somewhere along the chain, things have gotten badly derailed. And the team Wilf is sticking with has gone from riding the planet's best running back in a 10-win season to playing Russian Roulette at football's most important position.

That model tends not to hold up so well in the NFL.

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