Video: The top plays from Week 7 Sunday

Doug Farrar

Chris Johnson turns on the burners

Well, Chris Johnson's 18-carry, 195-yard performance did come against a Buffalo Bills defense that hasn't showed up all season, but it was nice to see the old CJ2K blasting away again, especially on two very impressive touchdown runs.

Rob Ninkovich sinks the Jets

The veteran linebacker did a great job of stopping the New York Jets' overtime drive with a sack and forced fumble to preserve an overtime win for the New England Patriots. Look a little closer, however, and you might agree that Pats linebacker Jermaine Cunningham should have been flagged for tackling Mark Sanchez below the knees -- ironically, a violation of the "Brady Rule."

Vincent Jackson runs out of gas

As far as we're aware, this is the only instance in NFL history of a team gaining 95 yards on one play and failing to score -- that's what happens after you try and throw LeGarrette Blount into the line and have a failed Josh Freeman scramble turn into a goal-line debacle, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did. The real credit goes to New Orleans Saints cornerback Malcolm Jenkins, who ran Jackson down and made one of the defensive plays of the year.

Greg Little grabs an acrobatic catch

Impressive, but we still wonder why the Cleveland Browns receiver can't bring in those routine catches.

Devin McCourty's 104-yard kick return

A rare instance in which the Jets' special teams are trumped. Maybe if Tebow had been out there ... nah, never mind. We won't go there.

Garrett Graham's amazing tip-drill catch

We're assuming that the Texans tight end learned how to bat the ball around from J.J. Watt.

Eli Manning to Victor Cruz: The 77-yard game-winning touchdown

The Washington Redskins thought they had the game sewn up when Robert Griffin III threw a 30-yard touchdown pass to Santana Moss with less than two minutes remaining. They forgot one thing, though -- when you give Eli Manning the ball back with any time left on the clock and a touchdown is required, things like this tend to happen.

Robert Griffin III -- The scramble and the throw

However, the Giants know that they're in for it every time RG3 is on the field. No better example than this unreal scramble and completion to tight end Logan Paulsen in which most quarterbacks would have been sacked on about three different occasions. The completion converted a fourth-and-10 on the drive that ended with that Moss TD, and added that much more to RG3's growing legend.