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Chris Chase

Video: Steve Smith makes Tyree-like catch while helmet pops off

Shutdown Corner

Lost in all the "Monday Night Football" hullabaloo about Tony Romo's(notes) injury and the New York Giants essentially ending the Cowboys season was that Dallas had a 20-7 lead midway through the second quarter of the game, even after Jon Kitna(notes) came in the game.

Granted, those 20 points had nothing to do with offense and everything to do with three New York turnovers and a punt-return touchdown by Dez Bryant(notes) but still; there was a lead. If the Dallas defense could play decently and Kitna wasn't a total mess, it didn't seem impossible that the Cowboys could win the game.

And then Steve Smith made this catch while his helmet was ripped off:

After that, the Giants went on a 31-0 run.

And, Patriots fans, if you found yourself breaking out into a cold sweat while watching that clip but don't know why, perhaps it's because it looked an awful lot like this.

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