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Video: Rex Ryan gives Jason Taylor a sideline shower

Shutdown Corner

Rex Ryan is nothing if not unconventional. The brash Super Bowl predictions, the four-letter heavy vocabulary, the odd practice habits; they all indicate that Ryan is an NFL head coach who doesn't just enjoy breaking from the norm, but one who thrives on it.

So on Sunday night, when the New York Jets coach dumped Gatorade on new Jets defensive end Jason Taylor(notes) following the team's thrilling victory over the Miami Dolphins, it wasn't the least bit surprising.

Oh, it should have been. A coach performing the postgame Gatorade ritual doesn't happen on any level -- from pee-wee football to college. But when Rex Ryan does something like this, it manages to seem normal. He makes the unconventional seem routine. Forget Manny. The new phrase should be "that's just Rex being Rex."

Taylor was a former defensive player of the year in Miami, which is probably why he was the target of Ryan's covert Gatorade pour. The two were celebrating the Jets' 31-23 victory, which moved the team to 2-1 on the season.

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And, by the way, how great is Al Michaels? He laughs uproariously at the Gatorade bath and then turns around to deliver the eloquent phrase "the loosest of cannons" without pause.

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