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Video: Paint on football proved Webster didn’t intercept pass

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Referee Mike Carey needn't have to look at a replay to determine whether Corey Webster intercepted a Vince Young pass during Sunday night's game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. All he had to do was take a look at the tip of the football.

Following the play, NBC cameras noticed a white spot on the tip of the football that Webster supposedly picked off. It came from a painted white yard-line stripe on the field, a clear sign the ball hit the ground.

It brings to mind the famed "shoe polish play" from the 1969 World Series when an umpire ruled that Cleon Jones of the New York Mets had been hit by a pitch after being shown a black mark on the ball from where it had hit the player's foot. Carey didn't need to look at the ball, though; the replay was enough to overturn the call.

Not shown in the clip above was a shot of an unaware Webster standing with the white-tipped ball on the sideline. For NBC's production crew to notice the mark, get a close-up of it on replay and have a shot of Webster holding the ball afterward was most impressive and a reminder that the network's broadcasts of NFL games are the best on television, bar none.

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