Video: Nicks celebrates game-clinching TD with old Falcons dance

Chris Chase

In Sunday's NFC wild-card game between the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons, New York's Hakeem Nicks celebrated his game-breaking, 72-yard touchdown by performing a dance move popularized by the Atlanta Falcons in 1998.

Nicks' rendition of the Dirty Bird later caught the attention of its creator, former Falcons running back Jamal Anderson.

Good one, Hakeem. (Searches for sarcasm font.) The Dirty Bird hasn't been a thing in 13 years. Since timeliness clearly wasn't an issue for you, why not mock Atlanta by referencing Sherman's burning of the city or the Braves' World Series failures. Either of those would be just as relevant as mocking a celebration that was created, popularized and faded away all while Bill Clinton was still president.

Anderson saw the celebration and was initially dumbfounded that someone outside Fulton County still remembered his dance:

But in true 1998 fashion, Anderson didn't hate the player, just the game. Before tweeting about his disappointment in the Falcons' performance, the former running back absolved Nicks of his celebration-copying sins.

As of this writing, Nicks had yet to respond, presumably because he was listening to Ricky Martin and fretting about Y2K.

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