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Video: LeSean McCoy celebrates by punching Andy Reid in gut

Shutdown Corner

LeSean McCoy, you've just run for the first down that clinched a season-saving Week 6 victory for the Philadelphia Eagles. What are you going to do now?

Punch his coach in the stomach, apparently.

The Eagles running back celebrated his game-capping run in Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins by giving his coach a playful jab in the gut. McCoy must not know the power of his punches, though, because Reid reacted like he had just been Jack Ruby'd.

Look, nobody likes getting hit in the gut, but I think Andy Reid is a little better equipped to handle it than most, if you catch my drift.

Reid engenders a ton of criticism, much of it well deserved. His in-game strategy is atrocious, some of his coaching hires have been questionable and his regular-season success hasn't translated to Super Bowl victory. Yet even with his team mired in a 1-4 start after sky-high expectations, there wasn't even a whiff of dissension in the Eagles locker room. To the contrary, a number of players, including Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson, publicly defended their coach from attacks from reporters. The Eagles may have been losing on the field, but Andy Reid was far from losing the locker room.

This playful gesture by McCoy suggests there's also a nice camaraderie between Reid and his players. Although, the next time one of them wants to celebrate with their coach, a belly rub might go over better.

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