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Chris Chase

Video: Haynesworth giving up on play defined Redskins night

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

In case the lopsided, record-setting score and Michael Vick's(notes) video game-like numbers weren't enough to demonstrate how much the Philadelphia Eagles dominated the Washington Redskins on Monday night, the play below accurately sums it up.

Keep an eye on the middle of the field, in particular big Albert Haynesworth(notes):

Yes, that's the same Albert Haynesworth who signed a $100 million contract with the Redskins last year, making him the richest defensive player in NFL history. Before this play, his season had been defined by his failure to complete the team's conditioning test in training camp. This "effort" will be the new epitaph when Big Al and the Redskins inevitably part ways.

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If I were Mike Shanahan, I'd show this play on repeat to the players for 20 straight minutes (and maybe make Haynesworth watch it like he was in "Clockwork Orange") and then burn the rest of the tape forever. Sometimes you can learn from mistakes. Other times, it's best to never mention them again. This is one of those situations.

In this one clip we see:

1. Michael Vick making members of the Redskins defense look foolish with his elusiveness. It's not like the 'Skins were ever close to laying a hand on him. Vick had so much time to throw, it was like he was channeling Bo Jackson in Super Tecmo Bowl.

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2. A member of the Redskins defense loafing.

3. Despite dropping back seven players into the secondary, Vick buys enough time to find a receiver, Jason Avant(notes), wide open in the end zone. (He was out of bounds when he came down with the ball, but by that time the officials had mailed it in as much as the Redskins.)

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4. Redskins linebacker Rocky McIntosh(notes) (No. 52) looking utterly baffled as Eagles players celebrate in the end zone.

Haynesworth lying on the ground is the image, though, as displayed in this amazing gif courtesy of SB Nation's Jon Bois. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a rapid succession of pictures must be worth something more ... like 300 pounds of indifference.

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