Video: Giants defender unleashes 'best sack dance ever'

Presenting "The Tase," the newest sack-dance craze by Barry Cofield(notes) of the New York Giants.

The dance has a rigid dignity, almost as if it was choreographed by Balanchine himself. The footwork is sublime and the dedication to the craft is evident. I believe Cofield is getting a celebratory Tase.

On Tuesday's "Pardon The Interruption," Tony Kornheiser called it the best sack dance he'd ever seen. The comment sounds like the most effusive of praise, but then you think about the lack of other viable candidates (Jared Allen's(notes) calf-roping, Shawn Merriman's light's out, this from Kenard Lang(notes)) and it's sort of like picking the best episode of "The Marriage Ref."

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It's a good thing Cofield broke out this dance against the Vikings. Next week the Giants play the Philadelphia Eagles and I can't help but wonder (in all seriousness) what the reaction would have been if he did the same dance after sacking a quarterback who has a not-so-funny past with electrocutions. Can you imagine Joe Buck's reaction?

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