Video: Fred Jackson 80-yard, Tecmo Super Bowl touchdown

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

The Madden football franchise is fantastic but, for my money, Tecmo Super Bowl is still the pinnacle of all football video games. Eight offensive plays, a limited roster, Bo Jackson, the 1991 Redskins, QB Eagles and the ability to outrun all defenders by diagonally zig-zagging up and down the field? No amount of graphic renderings and updated rosters and offseason modes can top that. It's like how in 20 years cell phones will be unfathomably more advanced than the ones we have today, yet still won't be better than the original iPhone.

All of that was a long-winded way of introducing this clip of Fred Jackson running for an 80-yard touchdown in Sunday's Buffalo Bills game against the New York Giants. While most long TD runs feature the running back making some early cuts and then running in a straight line to the end zone, Jackson uses the old Tecmo Super Bowl technique to stay ahead of New York defenders. You can practically hear the Nintendo background music.

Whether true or not, I'm just going to assume Ryan Fitzpatrick barked out "hut-hut-hut-hut-hut-hut-hut-hike" at the line of scrimmage.

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