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Video: Classy Tomlin refuses to make excuses for Steelers loss

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Mike Tomlin didn't offer any excuses after his Pittsburgh Steelers walked off the field as losers in Super Bowl XLV.

He didn't complain about the officials or take a subtle swipe at a coordinator or indirectly blame the kicker either. There was no talk about the condition of the field or any insinuations that his team was the better one. Mike Tomlin doesn't roll like that. In his various interviews with media outlets after his team's 31-25 loss to the Green Bay Packers, the 37-year-old coach was all class.

His talks with the press, particularly with Chris Myers(notes) on FOX's postgame coverage, could serve as a blueprint for how to lose with dignity. Tomlin mans up and accepts responsibility with his no-nonsense answers and refusal to bite when reporters give him a chance to make excuses. Here's a brief clip from his postgame press conference:

Some other Tomlin quotes from Sunday night:

• "We're not into moral victories, we came here to win the football game and we didn't do that. Green Bay did and we congratulate them."

On whether the turf played any role in the loss -- "They played on the same turf that we played on. We're not in the business of making excuses. We won't do it. Next question."

On Aaron Rodgers(notes) -- "He made plays. We didn't get the turnovers. We know that they're capable of getting plays in chunks. We knew that they would throw the football quite a bit and they did. He didn't fold under the pressure. I thought we hit him some early, we got to him as the game went on. But he showed his meddle and continued to stand in there and throw the football and throw it accurately. I tip my hat to him for that."

On Ben Roethlisberger(notes) -- "It was a losing performance, just like mine."

Too often, coaches try to ascribe losses to one play or one call or one bad decision. They're not wrong to do this, but it can come off poorly sometimes. It's like they're trying to reaffirm that they know their team should have/could have won and they want you to know it, too. There's none of that in Tomlin's words.

The young coach seems to realize that sometimes a loss is just a loss.

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