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Chris Chase

Video: Canadian football players brawl with fans in stands

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Before I watched this video, I didn't think there was many things dumber than two football players getting into a fight with one another. The helmets, the pads; there's more risk for the puncher than the punchee. But now I realize that I was wrong. This scene from a junior, minor league football game in Canada is much, much stupider:

Police say the incident began when fans of the Hamilton Hurricanes began heckling players from Montreal's St. Leonard Cougars. The two teams were finishing a semifinal game in the Ontario Football Conference (OFC), which consists of players aged 18-22.

Hamilton ended up winning the game and is scheduled to play in the league's championship on the same field this weekend. League officials said that entire section of the stadium will be roped off.

Ontario police said charges could be filed against both players and fans. Only minor injuries were reported.

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