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Video: Brandon Lloyd extends for touchdown catch in traffic

Shutdown Corner

For his first few years in the league, Brandon Lloyd(notes) developed a reputation as a player who could make the spectacular catch look easy, but had trouble making the easy catch at all. In this, his breakout season with the Denver Broncos, Lloyd is showing that the easy catches are no longer a problem. And after Monday night, it's clear that the impossible ones aren't either.

Though the Broncos didn't have too much to celebrate in their 35-14 loss to the San Diego Chargers, Lloyd's fourth-quarter catch was one of the few highlights. Watching it in real-time, the catch looks pretty nice. But when the slo-mo replay is shown you get a sense for just how difficult the grab was. Watch how Lloyd hangs up in the air and keeps his arms extended as the ball gets to him:

That was a garbage-time touchdown that doubtlessly affected many a fantasy matchup. That's why Jon Gruden calls that guy the game-changer.

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