The Vernon Davis Gun Show takes over media day

Frank Schwab
January 29, 2013

Look, if we had arms like 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, we'd roll up our sleeves everywhere we went, do the whole Chris Farley "Do you know where the weight room is?" deal, all of that.

Yet, when Davis came on the NFL Network for his turn answering Deion Sanders' Deion-centric questions, it was hard to get past the fact that Davis is probably preparing for a second career as a bodybuilder.

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Maybe Davis should be the one kissing his biceps after Colin Kaepernick scores. His arms stole the show on the NFL Network's broadcast of media day.

Even Deion took a moment from talking about himself to notice that Davis had rolled up his sleeves for the occasion.

"If I had guns like that, you wanna be humble but you’re gonna show those pipes," Sanders said to his NFL Network audience.

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We all know Davis is one of the greatest athletes in the NFL. His scouting combine numbers are downright legendary. Maybe he'll just show up shirtless for the big game on Sunday.

Oh, and Davis got his own ridiculous media day question too, and the pain on his face trying to figure out the "Red Rover" question is downright priceless:

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