Tyrann Mathieu learns there is nothing private about direct messages on Twitter

Brian McIntyre

The photo above of Arizona Cardinals rookie safety Tyrann Mathieu was taken during the team's OTA practice on May 10. Less than two weeks later — May 23 to be specific— Mathieu signed his first NFL contract, which is worth $3,052,500 and includes $817,187 in guaranteed money if the off-field troubles that plagued him at LSU do not resurface over the next four seasons.

LarryBrownSports.com reports that, in between those two dates, Mathieu had a little "misadventure" in social networking.

According to the report, which came via a screen grab from Black Sports Online, Mathieu was conversing with a young woman via direct message on Twitter. Mathieu's second question in their conversation was "what's your name & age", which in retrospect, should have triggered the first "I should not be doing this" alarm in Mathieu's head. The young woman, who identified herself as "Alexis", replied that she was "17".

Black Sports Online and Larry Brown Sports both point out that the "Honey Badger" wisely attempted to ascertain the age of the young woman. The two sites also point out that Mathieu is reportedly involved with a New Orleans Pelicans cheerleader, who might not appreciate her significant other clumsily flirting with a teenager, who had no qualms about taking a screenshot of the conversation and posting it online for anyone to see.

The Cardinals might be too thrilled about Mathieu's course of action, because when the young woman said she was 17, at that point, Mathieu, who had turned 21 a few days earlier, probably should have just gone about his day. Or smashed his phone. Instead, Mathieu asked when the woman turned 18, which is when our peek into the conversation ends.

Who knows what the fall out will be between Mathieu and his cheerleader girlfriend, but we suggest that the rookie safety pay very close attention to the social media portion of this year's rookie symposium, which will be held at the Bertram Inn and Conference Center in Aurora, Ohio from June 23-29. We'd also suggest some earplugs or thick skin because opposing NFL stadiums might have a Winger cassingle laying around and could add this gem to their playlist when Mathieu comes to town.