Tyler Wilson doesn’t get claimed by any team on waivers, gets added to Raiders’ practice squad

Frank Schwab

Not one NFL team thought the Oakland Raiders made a mistake in cutting quarterback Tyler Wilson.

He was once a top prospect at quarterback, but that seems like ages ago. Despite having a contract that would be very light for a young NFL quarterback, not one team claimed Wilson on waivers. Not the Jaguars. Not the Packers, who didn't keep one backup quarterback that played for them in preseason. Not the Bills, who might have to consider starting undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel this week because of injury.

Wilson, a fourth-round pick and the highest pick in the 2013 draft who was cut, signed back with the Raiders' practice squad. He'll have absolutely no pressure there to try to get his NFL career going.

What went wrong with Wilson? He didn't have a great senior season at Arkansas, but that seemed due to a terrible coaching situation. Maybe Arkansas' problems were partially because of Wilson.

He was touted as a minicamp sensation (which shows what glowing reports from minicamps are worth) and a possible starter for the Raiders a couple months ago, but it appears he just couldn't pick up the offense.

"Well, I think he's got the physical tools," Allen said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. "I think he's behind from a mental part of the game, and that's where he's got to continue to work to improve."

Wilson has time to pick up the offense on the practice squad. The Raiders have Terrelle Pryor, Matt Flynn and undrafted rookie Matt McGloin at quarterback. One training camp and preseason isn't enough time to make a final decision on any mid-round pick in the NFL.

But every NFL team had a chance to take a shot to grab Wilson and passed. Wilson has a lot to prove before he can make anyone regret that decision.

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