Turnover-happy Vince Young gets benched


With his team locked in a physical game that hasn't seen an offensive touchdown, Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher has pulled starting quarterback Vince Young(notes).

Young hasn't been great for the Titans -- he's 7-of-10 for 66 yards, with two interceptions and one lost fumble -- but the move is still a surprise. Young's had virtually no protection, and watching the game, it's never felt to me like Young was the reason the Titans were losing.

But, trailing by 13, with the game now in the fourth quarter, it's a situation where the Titans need to go to the air. The thinking seems to be that Collins is better suited for that type of offensive attack, and that might be true, but let's be realistic about it. It's 37-year-old Kerry Collins(notes). I'll be shocked if he's any more effective than Young.

The long-term issue is that Young has, from time to time, seemed to be emotionally fragile. Getting benched in Week Two isn't going to help his confidence. Is it worth it for the .0003% chance that Collins can lead a miracle comeback? This is a mistake.

The game's been, to be kind, a little light on offense, for both teams. Both defenses have been fantastic, but a special teams touchdown and six Titans turnovers have the Steelers ahead.

UPDATE: Collins has thrown an interception on his first drive.

UPDATE II: Collins has now turned the ball over two times in three possessions.

UPDATE III: Miraculously, Kerry Collins had the Titans in a position to potentially tie the game. He led a long dink-and-dunk drive that got the Titans in the endzone (followed by a two-point converstion, cutting the lead to eight), and then the Titans were able to recover an onside kick. Collins had a few shots at the endzone, but the Titans couldn't capitalize.