Training with the pros: Terrell Thomas

Matt Ryan
Training with the pros: Terrell Thomas

Travelle Gaines has worked with hundreds of athletes and celebrities including Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, rapper Sean Combs and TV star Kendra Wilkinson.

In this video, the elite trainer brings in Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas to show you how you can work your entire body with a medicine ball. This is a simple exercise that can be done at home and requires minimal equipment.

This exercise works your glutes, hamstrings, core and all of your upper body muscles with a simple squat press.

Make sure you follow the correct form: Toes straight, knees straight, chest up and keep your back straight. All you need is 4-15 pound medicine ball.

Happy sweating.