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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are vacationing with Wes Welker, despite his inability to catch

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You may have been wondering how Wes Welker was going to get along with Gisele Bundchen after she pinned the Super Bowl loss on receivers who couldn't catch ‒ you probably weren't, but maybe. In case you were, put your mind at ease, because they're going to be fine.

Thanks to the Boston Herald and people at who hide in bushes and take pictures of people, we know that Tom and Gisele are vacationing in Costa Rica with Welker and his lady, Anna Burns.

I say good for Wes Welker for not taking Gisele's slight personally. She was angry and trying to defend her man from some insensitive Giants fans. I'm sure it was nothing personal towards Welker, and it's not like Wes Welker isn't aware that he made a mistake, either.

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It's probably hard to be angry at anyone while on a beach in Costa Rica, though.

The x17 people added this tidbit, too:

Gisele and Tom invited friends for a beach bonfire Saturday, while locals delivered food and offered fresh coconut water to drink. As the sun went down, the group waved goodbye to the day and turned toward their fire for an evening drink and conversation.

Kind of reminds me of my Saturday. The sun was out for a good 15 to 20 seconds, and one of the local children at the grocery store threw a small carton of milk at me. As the sun went down (at about 5:30, for some reason), I waved goodbye to the day and drank alone while watching Pitt and South Florida play uninspired basketball. So in that way, Tom Brady and I have a lot in common.

To see all the photos and watch the spy video taken of Tom, Gisele and Wes, go here.

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