Tom Brady carries Chad Ochocinco in Lethal Weapon 3


Week 10 finally saw Chad Ochocinco eclipse the magical 50-yard mark in a game for the New England Patriots, so to celebrate, I understand that The Ocho used the photoshopped poster you see below as his Twitter avatar.

I don't see it on there now, but I'll take Pats Propaganda's word for it.

It's very nice work. I especially like how Tom Brady, with the right haircut, can look like the demon love child of Mel Gibson and Patrick Swayze.

If reality was a concern when photoshopping such pictures, though, it'd be Wes Welker or Rob Gronkowski co-starring, while Chad Ochocinco's name would be one of the tiny ones in white print at the bottom, along with the gaffer and the key grip.

Gracias, Larry Brown Sports.