TJ Lang has a great new idea to curb DUIs among NFL players

Shutdown Corner

Packers offensive lineman TJ Lang has, like everyone else, noticed the rash of DUIs and other arrests among NFL players recently.

He's a solution-oriented guy, though, so he's devised an incredible new plan to help reverse the trend among his fellow NFL'ers. Get ready to have your mind blown:

That's some great outside-the-box thinking. Instead of driving yourself while in an inebriated state, why not make use of the highly noticeable yellow cars that will, for a fee, drive people wherever they need to go? Someone should've thought of this before.

So there we go, NFL. From one player to the rest, a fool-proof solution to a dangerous problem. It's easy, inexpensive (at least, if you're making an NFL salary) and universally accessible.

Problem solved, right? It's safe to assume we'll never see another player DUI? Terrific. Good work, everybody.

Gracias, SportsGrid. Via Buzzfeed.