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Titans QB lost his number arm-wrestling a punter. Offseason!

Charlie Whitehurst, Brett Kern, and the number 6.

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Charlie Whitehurst, Brett Kern, and the number 6.

Rejoice, punters. Rejoice, for your day has come. No longer will you be the lowest of the low, the why's-he-here-at-least-the-kicker-puts-points-on-the-board scrounger of the NFL locker room. Today, punters, one of your number has struck a definitive blow in your honor. One of you has taken down ... a quarterback!

All right, it's a backup quarterback for the Titans, but whatever. Charlie Whitehurst, who recently signed with the Titans after several years with the Seahawks and Chargers, has worn No. 6 for the last 13 years. Problem is, the Titans already had a 6: punter Brett Kern.

So the two 6s decided to solve their problem the way men have solved disputes since time immemorial: an arm-wrestling match. How did it go? We'll let Whitehurst's Instagram render the verdict:

As there's no actual video of the arm-wrestling bout, please enjoy this Vince McMahon-Hulk Hogan showdown instead:

And everywhere around this great land, punters celebrate the victory of one of their own, hopefully not injuring themselves in the process. Love you, offseason.


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