Tim Tebow and Tom Brady are most desired by married woman, says ridiculous survey


The wholesome folks at AshleyMadison.com, the site that wants you to cheat on your significant other, polled over 13,500 women on which famous athlete women would most like to cheat on their husbands with.

On the top of the list was dashing soccer guy David Beckham. Among NFL players, Tim Tebow and Tom Brady were the tops, with Tebow holding a slight lead. Both were significantly behind Beckham, though. The NFL put four athletes in the top 10, ahead of any other sport. Hooray, NFL.

You might recall a similar survey by the same folks before the Super Bowl, which actually found that married women would rather have an affair with Eli Manning than Tom Brady. This one flips that, though, with Brady being identified by 17.9 percent of respondents, and Eli with just 8.5 percent. It must be the continuing evolution of Tom Brady's hair.

No NFL'er topped Tebow, though. I'm not sure if it was his rugged good looks, his choir boy persona, or the forbidden fruit factor, given Tebow's super-religious stance on women and dating. Whatever it is, it's working for him, even if he won't cash in on it.

If this feels like it's not the first time AshleyMadison.com put its name alongside Tebow's in headlines, it's not. Back in April, it offered $1 million to anyone who could step forward and say they've had relations with Tebow. Evidently, no one has.

Click below to see the complete top 10, which includes two more quarterbacks.

1. David Beckham, 43.1 percent
2. Tim Tebow, 19.6 percent
3. Tom Brady, 17.9 percent
4. Derek Jeter, 16.5 percent
5. Alex Rodriguez, 13.2 percent
6. Cristiano Ronaldo, 11 percent
7. Michael Phelps, 10.5 percent
8. Peyton Manning, 9.6 percent
9. Aaron Rodgers, 9.5 percent
10. Kelly Slater, 9.2 percent

Peyton Manning. Really, ladies?

Other NFL'ers near the top 10 were Eli Manning with 8.5 percent and Mark Sanchez with 8.1 percent. Brett Keisel did not make the list.