Tim Tebow’s missed block leads to a blocked punt and Dolphins touchdown (VIDEO)

Frank Schwab

The good thing about having Tim Tebow as a protector on punts is the Jets can run a bunch of trick plays out of that set, something they've had success with already this season.

The bad part is, they have a quarterback blocking on the punt team.

The Jets had a punt blocked and Miami recovered it for a touchdown, and it appeared that the reason for the blocked punt was that Tebow missed his assignment.

Tebow blocked inside on the punt, and Miami had a stunt called - and it wouldn't be a surprise if the Dolphins called that to specifically take advantage of Tebow. Jimmy Wilson looped around and came through untouched, right past where Tebow should have been. Wilson blocked the punt, Olivier Vernon recovered in the end zone and Tebow got an earful from the coaches when he got back to the sideline.

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That was the first time the Jets had a blocked punt returned for a touchdown against them since 1984. Those are the types of things that happen when a quarterback is protecting the punter.

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