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Tim Tebow has even more job options, as the Italian League comes calling

Eric Edholm
Shutdown Corner

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Tim Tebow (USA Today Sports Images)

If Tim Tebow doesn't think the NFL will come calling again, or that it's too soon for a broadcasting career, he has another option.

Italy, apparently, would love to lure Tebow to keep his playing days alive a little while longer.

The free-agent quarterback has been offered a four-month contract by the Milano Seamen of the Italian federation for American football.

Federation president Leoluca Orlando sent word to Tebow's representatives of their interest, which was posted on the federation's website on Thursday. A federation spokesman said that he deal is for $200,000, which was sent Wednesday on the recommendation of a sponsor.

"The offer has been made to his agent and now we're waiting for a response," Seamen president Marco Mutti told The Associated Press. "We would be more than happy to have him."

It's a win-win deal for Tebow, who could join the team for the start of the season in March and chill in northern Italy through the Italian Super Bowl, which hits in July. From there, either an NFL playing or announcing gig could await.

So if you're Tebow, do you consider Italy? There could be worse places to go for a few months.

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