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The Browns' new mascot is a live dog named 'Swagger'

Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians

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Johnny Manziel was scheduled to throw out the first pitch for the Cleveland Indians on June 4. (Getty Images)

These are, at last, good days if you're a Clevelander. The most electrifying new player in the NFL is on your football team, and one of the most fascinating athletes on the planet CHOSE you as his destination.

But even in these heady days of Johnny Manziel and LeBron James, there's always something to remind you that, yes, this is still Cleveland. No, it's not Manziel tripping over James' legs at that exclusive McDonald's club and putting both of them on the disabled list (yet). Instead, it's the Browns' latest marketing move: a new mascot named "Swagger." Yep.

Per Chris Fillar, a Cleveland sports radio talk show host, the Browns will announce "Swagger" as a new mascot. Swagger will be a bull mastiff, which actually seems a reasonably tough dog.

Yeah, yeah, we know "Swagger" is Manziel's keyword, and the name probably tested well with focus groups and whatnot. And hey, at least a live dog is better than the horrifying New Orleans Pelican mascot. But still, we can't help but believe that Swagger will end up dressed something like this:

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Not necessarily Swagger, but probably close.

Not necessarily Swagger, but probably close.

As for Manziel? We'll know he's in the, uh, doghouse (sorry) with Browns management when we see him walking the sidelines with the pooper-scooper.

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