Texans draft bust Amobi Okoye getting another shot with the Dallas Cowboys

Frank Schwab
May 16, 2014
Texans draft bust Amobi Okoye getting another shot with the Dallas Cowboys

Amobi Okoye was a tremendous story when he came out of Louisville.

Thanks to him being so advanced in school, including starting his education at two and a half years old and graduating college in less than four years, the defensive tackle was only 19 when he entered the NFL draft. What NFL teams really liked was that he was quick for a 292-pounder and when you're that good at 19, how good could you be when you're just starting to enter your physical peak in your early 20s and already have a few years of NFL experience?

The bad news was he couldn't hack it in the NFL. The Houston Texans took him with the 10th overall in the 2007 draft, and nobody thought it was the wrong move. It was. After four years and 11 sacks, half of which came his rookie year, the Texans were done with him. He went to the Bears to be a backup for a couple more years. When he was cut by the Bears during the 2012 season, it barely made a ripple. Then Okoye didn't play all of last year due to an undisclosed medical issue, and it looked like he might quietly fade into post-NFL life.

But he's just 26 and will turn 27 in June. And the Cowboys need linemen. So they're giving Okoye another shot to revive his career. Dallas agreed with Okoye on a two-year deal, according to numerous reports.

It's not a bad move by Dallas. There was a reason Okoye was once a top-10 pick, and he shouldn't be beyond his prime physically yet. There have been far stranger stories in NFL history than a former top 10 pick coming alive at age 27 with his third team. And the Cowboys need a lot of help up front.

It's probably a long shot, but maybe Okoye's great story can have a happy NFL conclusion.

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